Apr 12, 2011

So What #CraftBeer IPA Would You Recommend?

Believe it or not, I recently had one of my Miller Lite swigging friends come to me and say "Hey, I've been doing some reading and I think I want to try an IPA.  I'm thinking about Dogfish Head 60 Minute.  What do you think?"  The perfect conversion opportunity!  I suppose a nice IPA is as good a place to start as any.

That got me to thinking.  What is the best IPA to use to introduce a mass market drinker to craft beers?


Because I'm a fan, I'm keeping the @DogfishBeer 60 Min. in the running, thought it might be a bit hoppy for the average bland lager drinker.   I've added the @StoneBrewingCo IPA and the @GreenFlashBeer West Coast IPA.  They're very approachable yet a big enough departure from the mass-produced domestics.

So, what do YOU think?  What are the best introductory craft beer IPAs for the yet-to-be-converted?

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