Nov 4, 2011

Black IPA. Delicious but confusing...

I know.  A lot has been made of this oddly named gem of a beer.  How could a "pale" ale be a "black" ale?  Good question, and unfortunately for you, I don't have the answer.  I only know that this beer deserves a new name.  A real name.  A true name.  A name as unique as its flavor.

@TheBeerWench wrote a great article on the issue on her blog titled "That Which We Call A Rose: The Black IPA Name Debate".  She's equally confounded and split on how to handle this obviously delicate and uber-important issue, and that's reflective of many craft beer drinkers.

With all the talk and debate going on, what do you think?  Does it need a new name?  Already got one in mind?  Let the games begin!

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