Mar 26, 2012

Hey @Sixpoint, I've Been Meaning To Tell You...

Sixpoint-bengali-tiger-can            Sixpoint-autumnation
You owe a debt of gratitude if not a healthy raise, promotion, contract renewal (whatever arrangement it is that you have) to your advertising, marketing, packaging gurus.  It recently became VERY clear to me that your packaging is iconic.  Immediately recognizable for what it is...a Sixpoint beer.

Sixpoint-diesel-575            Sixpoint-resin-label

So many craft beers have labels that are so busy, so crowded, so convoluted, so unrelated-to-beer that I'm not sure if I'm buying a beer or a Jackson Pollock in a bottle.
So kudos to you and your cans/labels.  Simple.  Clean.  Beautiful.  Tasteful.  Immediately identifiable.  Iconic.  That goes for your beer too.

Keep 'em coming...the beers and the branding.

- Zach

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