Feb 2, 2015

Ready Or Not...Budweiser Just Made Beer "Us vs. Them"

Well, like it or not, Budwesier beer has just declared war on craft beer drinkers.  That's you.  The craft beer brewsader, with a palate so discerning that it deserves to be scorned.  Budweiser has picked a fight with you, whether  you were looking for one or not.

This Super Bowl XLIX ad took direct aim that all we hold dear; care and quality.  "Proudly a macro beer."  "It's not brewed to be fussed over."  What the hell?  Did the world's largest brewer just tell the world's largest television audience that they don't really care how their beer is made?  That they just make it quickly and as much as they can?

There's so much that can be pulled out of this ad, "dissected", criticized, et. al, but ultimately, the message I received, as a craft beer drinker, was clear.  Budweiser no longer wants to live in harmony (despite the astounding hypocrisy of gobbling up craft breweries).  Budweiser will no longer tolerate those of us that appreciate a beer that is brewed to be fussed over.  Living in harmony is not something they are looking to accomplish.

Hell, over the last few years I thought maybe they were holding out an olive branch with their acquisitions of Goose Island, 10 Barrel, Blue Point among others.  They were beginning to lull me into a state of complacency.  I was never a Bud drinker, even during hard, college times (I'm a recovered Miller Lite drinker), but I also never really felt any malevolence toward them either.  That's all changed now.

It's now Us vs. Them.   I felt their shot across the bow.  Budweiser has shown their cards, and their cards are that of acknowledgement, fear and "oh yeah, well we're BIGGER than you!" 

You sure are Bud, you sure are...but I've never sided with a bully, and I don't plan to start now.  Size isn't everything.  In fact, in beer it's often a detriment.  If you've accomplished anything with this new tact, you've hardened my resolve to avoid your products.  Sadly, that now includes "craft beer" I've enjoyed in the past.

For that, I hate YOU now as much as you hate ME.


  1. I'm still reeling from that commercial. AND they're still playing it. People who drink Bud will drink Bud; they're not gaining nor converting drinkers with this campaign.


    1. Dee - I totally agree, and that's kind of the point here. Who exactly are they trying to attract? Their current customers?! Seems they're only alienating possible customers with this approach. Zero marketing sense with this one.