Feb 4, 2011

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy @oskarblues

A DARK and thoroughly opaque imperial stout not for the faint of heart.
Pouring like some of the finest motor oil you can’t mistake this for anything other than a world class beer.  Don’t ask me how Oskar Blues Brewery works this smooooth stout into a can. Dark magic? (Pun mildly intended.)
Chocolate and coffee notes reign supreme.  A touch of bitterness, not uncommon with imperial stouts, hits the back of your throat on the way down.  Don't let the drinkability of this brew fool you.  You're looking at a full 10.5% ABV in a very nice package.  Pace yourself!
Sweet, dark and desirable. Oskar Blues Ten Fidy? It’s Lando Calrissian in a can.

Amen & Cheers!
Ten Fidy / Stout / 10.5% ABV / 12 oz. can

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