Feb 14, 2011

Weyerbacher Verboten @weyerbacher

Weyerbacher, while relatively local to me, consistently produces some of the finest tasting craft beers I've ever had...from anywhere.  Not only is Verboten no exception, it just may be their finest brew.
Originally part of their NATO alphabet series and known as "Alpha", this beer made it into the regular rotation as Verboten.  It pours a nice orange/amber with mild clouding and a firm light head.
There may not be a more drinkable Belgian-style pale ale around.  So crisp and refreshing yet it doesn't let you forget that this is a true, bottle conditioned, craft brew with it's amazing flavors.  Try it to replace any of the other "non-light domestic lagers" from the big boys that you may be drinking now.  It may make you a craft convert!
Ignore the name...this beer is not forbidden.  In fact, it's required drinking for the craft beer lover.
Amen & Cheers!

Weyerbacher / Easton, PA
Verboten / Belgian Pale Ale / 5.9% ABV / 12 oz. bottle

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